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Movies and Cock-Corn

July 1, 20080 minutes I invited my friends over for movie night. Me, Pepper, and Brittney were all set up for one of those great gangster flicks with these rugged tough Latinos all tatted-up and ready to pop a cap on anybody who wandered into his turf sporting the wrong colors. Then I started to wonder what if he were in the room watching us. How would we react to his presence, would we panic in terror, or will one of us get up and take off our clothes and mount him? I imagined him stroking his cock over our heads and Pepper sucking him off. Eagerly Brittney grabs his cock and thrust it into her mouth, and jerking it back and forth. This rugged man would grab our bodies and penetrate our pussies with his mighty penis; he made us moan in excitement as he continued to pound our asses, my skin rippling with ever impact. He would then explode on our popcorn, and that secret ingredient that makes it so good and addictive. We enjoyed movie night, maybe next time we'll watch a Kung Fu movie. .

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