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Another Fan Gets His Wish

January 16, 20070 minutes Just think guys one of you could be next! This guy Harvey has been emailing me non stop for some time now and so since it had been a while since i have "done" one of you guys i figured he had earn the privalige to be on this shoot. Also he was willing which is also important and boy was this guy willing however...I have heard from a friend that she thought she had seen this guy on a porn site before which did raise some concerns with me but oh well too late now and we had a great time and he really seemed to genuinly enjoy me and all my sucking and fucking wonder now that i think about it he did try to take charge of the fucking quite a few times which made me wonder cause im always assuming you fans would be too nervous to do that but who knows. But than again he kept mentioning his wife (which i thought was hilarious) and kept saying how he wished his wife could fuck like me and suck like me and all this hilarious stuff. Should i feel bad about cause if she really cared shed try a bit harder to satisfy her man thats what i always say. I wish i could do more of this reaching out to my fans bussiness and i promise you that will really try so keep the emails coming cause you never know who might be next..

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